Oppressive Regime: #1 & #2.

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Oppressive Regime: #1 & #2

This entry follows my painful ordeal and every rep closer to progress. Two cycles of Pull/Push/Legs have been completed. This shows the results of each.

Pull#1 – 03/01/2016 

  • Windshield Wipers – [10, 10]
  • Assisted Pull Up – 27 [8, 8, 8, 8]
  • Deadlift Raw:
    • 45 x 5
    • 75 x 4: Lower back pain.
    • 85 x 3: Still hurting…
    • 95 x 3: Pause between reps – struggling to breathe.

May not complete the negative part of the movement due to lower back issues – probably due to being bed bound the last few days.

Start Time: 1939H

  1. (1939H) Deadlift
    •  115 x 3: Didn’t feel great, close to fainting…
    • 125 x 1: Wasn’t impossibly difficult, but form requires work. Should strictly use the platform next time for stability.
    • 130 x 0: I decided to stop here to prevent further injury. Realistically with adequate sleep and nutrition, my previous 1RM of 135kg is almost possible.
  2. (2000H) Pendlay Row – 55 [8, 8, 8, 8]: Maintain this weight.
  3. (2009H) Hammer Pyramid
    • 14 x 3
    • 16 x 2: Left arm is lagging.
    • 18 x 0: Next time take a short break before the 1RM.
  4. Supinated Curl s/s Zotman Curl
    • S 12 x 8: Brilliant mind muscle contractions
    • Z 12 x 8: Great effort, though was a struggle
    • S 10 x 10: Hurt very nicely, though form requires work
    • Z 10 x 8: Weight doesn’t matter, next time keep with 10kg?
  5. (2026H) Face Pull – 5.7 [12, 8]: Focus on the stretch, this is conditioning around the ACL.

End Time: 2034H

Duration: 55 minutes

Thoughts: Physically and mentally I was in a pathetic state before attempting this workout. My effort was worthwhile. Yes, I was left feeling nauseous, dizzy and with a throbbing headache… but for a moment it felt like all hope was not gone.

Push#1 – 04/01/2016

Start Time: 2044H

  1.  Bench – 65 [5, 5, 5, 3]: The elongated warm up and waiting had made me tired physically and mentally. The last set was impossibly difficult, even with slight bouncing.
  2. Military Press – 35 [6, 5, 6, 5]: Good form, but not enough reps. I know I can do better than this. I  know I can.
  3. Incline Db Bench – 16 [8, 8, 8, 8]: Superb control.
  4. (2107) SLFR – 4 [12, 12, 12, 8]: Excruciating effort, though I was proud, only here did I realise my accidental extra set in the last two exercises.
  5. (2123H) Trisexual* Extensions – 19.3 [12, 8, 9]: Triceps exploding!
  6. Barbell Shrug – 30 [15, 13]: Grip goes before traps, but past 12 reps is a great feeling.

End Time: 2139

Thoughts: The gym was disgustingly packed, so I was forced to elongate my warm up by a ridiculous amount. In hindsight, I should have taken the bench first, then warmed up on/around the bench.  Though my triceps felt and looked unreal, I was left disappointed by the compound lifts and the lack of a killer instinct during my sets.

Legs#1  – 05/01/2016 

  1. Squat:
    • 120 x 2
    • 125 x 1
    • 130 x 1
    • 135 x 1
    • 140 x 1

Duration estimate: 60 minutes

Thoughts: My body was annihilated during the previous two nights and I felt pretty unwell judging by my notes. I asked to jump in, so I didn’t have the platforms squat rack to myself. The warm up and build up sets took a solid 30 minutes… many of which felt like working sets. Although my spot was assisting, we didn’t have an experienced relationship and many mistakes were made on both sides.

I still managed to hit my previous squat 1RM PR of 140kg, which makes very little sense. Also how deep I go is truly impressive – I received compliments towards my mobility which left me with a little smile. Maybe I should upload a picture of a pause rep?

Lack of time, energy and worrying about my health made me decide to leave on a high note. I’m not sure how I’m still with such ability, but my lower body is blessed.

Rest – 06/01/2016

Pretty restless, health certainly deteriorating and DOMS setting in.

Pull#2 – 07/08/2016

  • Windshield Wipers – [10, 10]
  • Assisted Pull Up – 27 [8, 8, 8, 8]
  • Deadlift Raw:
    • 50 x 4: Each side of the bar had 15kg + 2.5kg.
    • 70 x 5: Lower back pain slightly higher up than usual… odd.
    • 80 x 3: Back is better than last Pull#1.
    • 90 x 3: Focus on contracting middle back before pulling.
    • 100 x 2: Back is feeling okay.

Start Time: 2256H

  1. (2256H) Deadlift
    •  110 x 3: Wow. That form.
    • 120 x 2: Feeling alright this time round.
    • 125 x 2: Amazing form – useful intermediate.
    • 130 x 1: EASY… but so light headed afterwards…
    • 135 x 1: Belt was too high up. Had to sit down afterwards…
    • 140 x 1: BEAST MODE. Maintained a neutral spine, but was so close to not pulling all the way through.
  2. Pendlay Row – 55 [8, 8, 8, 8]: Nice weight. By choice, focused on triceps during this exercise.
  3. Hammer Pyramid
    • 14 x 3: Great mind muscle contraction, next time feel the distant curve.
    • 16 x 2: Biceps pumped and veins popping. Left still isn’t as powerful and coordinated as the right.
    • 18 x 1: Really easy, the break helped a lot. Was very tempted to wedge in an extra set, but managed to resist.
  4. Supinated Curl s/s Zotman Curl
    • S 12 x 12: Last 3 reps had a swing.
    • Z 12 x 12: Next time remember the new hand placement for stability.
    • S 12 x 7: Next time, lower weight to 10kg to begin with.
    • Z 10 x 7: Fatigued.
  5. (2026H) Face Pull – 5.7 [10, 8]

End Time: 2358H

Duration: 62 minutes

Thoughts: I timed this perfectly to coincide with a small meal and restful sleep. The warm up was purposely elongated in a controlled manner. I knew what to look out for and needed to avoid lower back pain. My mind set was phenomenal. Unbelievably focused.

I managed to beat my deadlift 1RM PR and squeeze a 140kg deadlift! The form today was probably the best in my life. Regardless of how the rest of the sets went, I knew I would leave content.

To begin with each side of the bar for deadlifts had 15kg + 1.25kg. This is the easiest set up for working out weights and planning ahead. To end with, each side has in total has 62.5kg (15 + 2.5 + 20 + 20 + 5).

Next time, lower the curls down to 10kg instead of swinging. The contraction is all that matters and by this point we’re dying anyway.

Push#2 – 08/01/2016

Start Time: 0930

  1. Bench – 65 [5, 4, 5, 5]: Such little recovery, such little energy…
  2. (0938) Military Press – 35 [8, 6, 4, 7]: After the disappointing third stretch, I needed to hydrate and stretch quickly.
  3. (0945) Incline Db Bench – 16 [8, 8, 8]: So rapid!
  4. (0951) SLFR – 4 [12, 12, 12, 12]: Sitting in a puddle of sweat and tears.
  5. (1000) Trisexual* Extension – 19.3 [12, 12, 10]: P-p-p-pumped!
  6. (1007) Barbell Shrug: 30 [12, 8]: Just didn’t feel it… really need to leave for my lecture anyway.

End Time: 1010

Duration: 40 minutes!

Thoughts: A morning session with varied constraints… No sleep. No food. Low energy. Low flowcus. Little time due to lectures. Lack of recovery with pain everywhere in my body. Lack of lungs since quitting smoking… the list goes on.

My respiratory problems are severe and dangerous. I’m not exaggerating here as I have plenty of experience with A&E and breathing machines. I refuse to see doctors while I’m mentally in this place, I’d rather wait for an ambulance or death.  To conclude this paragraph, I was crazy to even step foot into the gym.

On the other hand, there was progress made and the intensity of the workout was relentless. There wasn’t time for breaks.

Legs#2 – 09/01/2016

  • Squat Raw:
    • 20 x 5
    • 40 x 5
    • 60 x 5
    • 80 x 5

Start Time: 0123H

  1. Squat
    • 100 x 3
    • 110 x 3:
    • 120 x 2: No spot.
    • 130 x 1: Needed a slight spot.
    • 140 x 0: No spot realistically. Didn’t strain my CNS either.
  2. Squat – 80 [8, 8, 5]: Quads were on fire after this. A few reps were bounced. Almost gave up on the sixth rep each time, however took a few seconds and squeezed them out.
  3. Prone Hamstring Curl: 32 [8, 8, 8]: Maintain this weight.
  4. Leg Curls: 25 [8, 8, 8]: Next time consider going even lighter and slower to focus on the contraction. This was followed by a few minutes messing around with the single leg version and an experimentation of weights.

End: 0215H

Duration: 52 minutes

Thoughts: How this was forced into 52 minutes phases me. Next time remember machine work should be light and slow. I had a serious limp after this workout… one which will last days.

Rest – 10/01/2016

Currently it’s 0309H on the 11th of January – so I should be asleep… instead I’m typing up this length post and reflecting on the past week.

I was going to post about:

  • My physiotherapy on my back and neck as a child.
  • Skeletal spinal injury just above my coccyx.
  • Genetically destined to fail left ACL.
  • I’ve quit smoking!
  • Respiratory system: Agony – the first sign of regeneration.
  • Eating and sleeping improvements
  • University stress: January exams…
  • My crazy wall… covered in notes… and pictures…
  • What is a friend? Why do I need one?

… but… I’m exhausted. (0316) I will eat a steak. I will sleep for 2 hours. I will drag myself up. I will do some university work… for once. I will go to university. I will sleep a little more. I will go to the gym. Then everything resets to normal timing with sleep and work.

So pleased to have finally put my digital pen to paper.

Peace out! xo





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